This year, the world of cricket will not be able to start a war

Chairman PCB Ehsan Mani said that bio-security of 16 teams will not be easy while no ICC event is seen this year.

Australia is set to host the Twenty20 World Cup this year, but Corona questioned the event, although the ICC has not yet made an announcement, but it looks like the World Cup will be postponed.

Chairman PCB Ehsan Mani also said that no ICC event is expected to be held this year. He said that the governments of Australia and New Zealand have undoubtedly controlled the corona virus but the boards of both the countries Be careful, try for matches in the security bubble is possible but the bilateral series is different. During a mega event, 16 teams will need a lot of logistical arrangements to provide a bio-secure environment. Problems will arise if it happens.

He said that the decision regarding ICC World Cup will be taken only after consultation of all stakeholders. Along with the boards, broadcasters are also big stakeholders. Everyone’s opinion will be of equal importance. In the next 3 to 4 weeks, A final decision is expected, he said, adding that the ICC would not suffer much financial loss if the event did not take place, with Australia or India hosting the World Cup next year, a decision yet to be made.

To a question, he said that the purpose of the Asia Cup is to raise money for the younger members. If the event does not take place, the biggest losers will be Nepal, Qatar and Bahrain. Sri Lanka has the best situation in South Asia. His board is hopeful that the corona virus will be eradicated there by September. Pakistan said the exchange of hosts with Sri Lanka was not based on any politics but for the betterment of Asian cricket, which is to the benefit of all members. Our goal is cricket.

Replying to a question, the PCB chairman said that Pakistan’s tour of England is in the interest of world cricket, there is no need to press for a return tour, anyway talks are underway for the English team to play a series in Pakistan since last year. After the arrival of the Sri Lankan team, our case became stronger. The MCC tour was also successful. We invited the top officials of the English Board to visit Pakistan last year. We are hopeful that the England team will visit in 2022. Right now we are just helping them, the West Indies team is there before us for the same purpose.

He said that the health of the players who are going to England is being monitored continuously. With this series, Pakistani players will get a lifeline to the cricket and English board. The situation in England is slowly improving after the Corona virus. On the other hand, the graph of cases is going up in our country. The English Board has taken good precautions for cricket in a bio-secure environment. We hope that our players No problem.

Live streaming case; There is no point in going to court

PSL 5 matches were shown live on foreign betting websites. Yesterday, the correspondent of Express asked the chairman of PCB that on the one hand there is talk of legislation against cricket corruption in Pakistan, but here it is. The issue of showing PSL matches on the website of was ended only on apology. You had asked for strict action but it did not happen.

In response, Ehsan Mani said that in the case of PSL live streaming, what the PCB could do, as soon as we found out, we contacted the company which was streaming matches, they did not respond. So we sent them a legal notice after which they stopped showing the matches, then we raised this issue very strictly in front of our media rights holder.

“I don’t think there would be any benefit if we sued them. If they asked us, we would not allow matches to be shown on the gambling site. In fact, streaming rights in all countries around the world,” he said. They are sold the same way, but we did not. In the media rights agreement with PTV and Teen Sports, we clearly stated that they could not sell streaming rights to betting websites, as far as PS As for L, it was written in the agreement that you will abide by our rules and regulations, which include a ban on betting. Those people ignored it and we took very strict action, so they apologized.

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