Surprise the world inside the cricket ‘bubble’

Southampton: The world inside the cricket ‘biobubble’ is no less than a surprise, entry is only for those who are corona free, it is also important to answer health questions satisfactorily on a daily basis, footprints are a crime everywhere. Reflecting the scenes, the TV coverage team was also shocked by the new arrangements, they too were forced to say that this is not the cricket we know.

International cricket has resumed in the form of a Test series between England and the West Indies. The match in Southampton is the first Test in the history of the biosecure bubble. Players of both teams have been in the biobubble for several weeks where they contracted the corona virus. Extremely strict measures have been taken to prevent this, the inside world is very strange, corona virus test for entry must be negative, the players have to answer questions about their health on a daily basis.

There is an additional door at each entrance with a temperature scanner. It is very important to cover your face with a mask after entering. Arrows and footprints on the floor represent a crime scene in the canteen. A table is for one person, the tables in the bar also have clear instructions on how many people can sit on it.

In addition to the corridors, there are hand gel dispensers and sanitizers at every door that remind you to disinfect your hands before entering. Such strict arrangements and precautionary measures also shocked the TV team coming to cover the Southampton Test. They also had to face new rules and regulations. The atmosphere of their Test match special box was different from the hotel. At the end of the match, he was forced to say that this is not the cricket we know.

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