Saleem Malik termed it ridiculous to release a letter of confession from the cricket board.

Former captain Saleem Malik has come forward after the PCB rejected his reply in the cricket fixing scandal.

Saleem Malik termed the release of the letter of confession by the cricket board as ridiculous. In his video statement, the former captain said that the e-mail said that there were errors in the reply, correct them. Went to the cricket board. He raised his issue in a meeting with Najam Sethi, Subhan Ahmed and Tafzal Rizvi.

My position was that I was being wronged. Chairman Najam Sethi said that the issue should be resolved. Subhan Ahmed and Tafzal Rizvi said that there is a way to resolve the issue by writing a letter. Saleem Malik says that both of them said that the letter should be written to throw dust in the eyes of ICC. They said that the matter will be over in a week or two after writing the letter. I told them that this matter is over. Should be I signed the letter at the request of both of them. On the one hand, the cricket board is asking me for an answer and on the other hand, it has come up with a new story. There are black sheep in the cricket board who are making matters worse. I have played for Pakistan for 20 years and have won many matches for Pakistan alone.

Saleem Malik’s position is that the chairman of the PCB should investigate and bring to light the people who are spoiling the matter. The PCB should in any case find the culprits. It is ridiculous to use a letter written against me to send it to the ICC. The board asked for an answer, but a press release was issued. Saleem Malik demanded that the board should resolve the issue and bring to light those who were making matters worse.

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