Nine lift board installed for Saleem Malik and Kaneria

LAHORE: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has shown a no-lift board to Danish Kaneria and Saleem Malik. The league spinners have been asked to contact the punishing English cricket board. Saleem Malik says he will respond in consultation with his lawyer.

According to the details, Danish Kaneria and Saleem Malik had presented their separate cases and requested to open the doors of cricket. The disciplinary commission sentenced him to life imprisonment. After an appeal panel, the appeals were rejected in the Commercial Bench of the High Court in London and in the Civil Division Court. The PCB’s rehabilitation program is presented at the end of the sentence. You were punished by the ECB, not the bans.

All the members are bound to abide by it. Under Section 6.8 of the ECB Code, only the Anti-Corruption Tribunal which has ruled has the power to allow re-play, so refer the matter to the ECB. ۔ On the other hand, the PCB, in response to a request from former captain Saleem Malik, said it had failed to respond to an April 2000 transcript provided by the ICC.

In this context, the PCB cannot take further action unless you respond to the matter, refusing to respond to the transcript and refraining from changing the confession that you made on May 5, 2014. In a letter to the PCB, the chairman said he was ready to admit his mistake, apologize to the fans and start the rehab process, ready to co-operate fully with the ICC and the PCB. Am On the other hand, Saleem Malik says that he will respond in consultation with his lawyer.

If my case is linked with Saleem Malik, I will take legal action, Kaneria

Danish Kaneria says my case should not be linked to Saleem Malik case I will respond, my case is completely different from Saleem Malik’s, it has nothing to do with match-fixing or spot-fixing, if anyone links it with Saleem Malik’s case, I will take legal action against him.

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