Interviews of coaches affiliated with High Performance Centers are also complete

KARACHI: Interviews of coaches affiliated to high performance centers have also been completed after six associations were included in the new domestic cricket system.

Interviews of coaches under PCB are in progress. After 6 associations were included in the new domestic cricket system, interviews of coaches affiliated to High Performance Centers were also completed to test their performance, quality and thinking. Is.

Other coaches, including Mohsin Kamal, Mohtasham Rasheed and Rao Iftikhar, gave interviews to Grant Bradburn, head of the coaching department at the High Performance Center, on a video link. Assisted.

In the next phase, there will be interviews of PCB Women Wing Coaches. Lastly, interviews of U-13 coaches have been arranged. A total of 72 coaches will be interviewed, after which a decision will be taken after reviewing their performance.

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