Becky Hammon becomes first woman to direct an NBA team as head coach in a regular season game

(CNN)Becky Hammon turned into the principal lady to coordinate a NBA group as a lead trainer during the standard season, when she took over for San Antonio Spurs lead trainer Gregg Popovich when he was shot out during a game on Wednesday.

Hammon stepped in with 3:56 left in the second quarter in the Spurs’ down against the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers proceeded to dominate the match 121-107.

Becky Hammon calls a play during a timeout in the second half during the Spurs' game against the Lakers.

“Clearly it’s serious. It’s a considerable second,” Hammon said to journalists. “I’ve been a piece of this association. I got exchanged here in 2007 (when in the WNBA), so I’ve been in San Antonio and part of the Spurs and sports association with the Stars and everything for a very long time. So I have a ton of time contributed, and they have a great deal of time put resources into me in building me and improving.

“Truly, at the time, I was simply attempting to dominate the match. I state this a ton, however I make an effort not to consider the colossal picture and the tremendous part of it since it can get overpowering. I must go in there to be engaged for those folks and ensure that I’m assisting them with doing the things that will help us win.

“I truly have not had the opportunity to reflect. I haven’t took a gander at my telephone, so I have no clue about what’s happening outside of AT&T Center this evening.”

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