An appeal to PM not to abolish departmental hockey by Tauqir


Tauqir Dar the former hockey Olympian has appealed to Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to not repeat the mistake of ending departmental struggles by introducing the same system in hockey, otherwise, players would be hardly found.

Tauqir, a member of the last Pakistan team that won Olympics in 1984 said, “The prime minister has recently indicated that the structure of hockey be built on the basis of regions instead of departments that are identical to that in cricket. Ending departmental cricket has rendered many cricketers jobless forcing many of them to turn into cart-pushers in a bid to survive. I will appeal to the premier to not repeat the same mistake in hockey as lower class people are playing this game and job opportunity is the only source of motivation for them to take up this sport professionally.”

“Very few people and players have interest in hockey now. Putting an end to potential job opportunities will be a disaster for the game which is already in a deep crisis,” said Tauqir.

It ought to be noticed that the Prime Minister, in his first-historically speaking gathering with the PHF president resigned Brig Sajjad Khokhar in two years’ despite being benefactor in-head of the PHF, had recommended to make important changes in the constitution to set up institutes and to frame groups on city reason for class hockey. Prior, on the guidelines of the leader, the Pakistan Cricket Board had annulled departmental cricket, which cut off its five-star structure from 16 groups (eight departmental and the same number of territorial) to just six common groups, restricting the players check to only 192 cricketers from around 350 already.

Tauqir said a wrongdoing of the decade was finished with Pakistan hockey by not handling a group in the first-at any point presented FIH Pro association a year ago.

“It was a great opportunity to keep Pakistan in the top ten teams of the world. Pakistan would have stayed in top ten teams even if they had they lost all the matches. Moreover, it would have also provided a great opportunity to play hockey with big teams like Australia,Germany and Belgium on the basis of top ten ranking.

He lamented, “Pakistan’s absence from FIH Pro Hockey further brought them down on the world rankings from 13 to 17, while arch-rivals India are at 4.”

Pakistan did not participate in Pro Hockey last year because of insufficient funds. However, after the PHF delegation’s meeting with prime minister and Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa, hopes are high that the PHF will get special grants from the federal government. The Army chief has already announced a grant of Rs50million.

“Only money cannot develop hockey alone. You need vision and will as well. If these three things are there, everyone can change their fate. It is high time for the PHF to increase hockey activities at the grassroots level. It should also focus on its national team players’ panel to create international activities for them,” Tauqir also advised the PHF to use the money in a better way and to make heavy investments at the grassroots level.

He also said, “Eleven players of Tanvir Dar Hockey Academy got recruited in different departments when the PHF held the national junior championship last time. It shows the importance of hockey at the grassroots level.”

He likewise recommended the PHF to make all arrangements on merit as opposed to thinking about companions and family members for key positions.

Tauqir likewise discussed the absence of legitimate training manual notwithstanding winning Olympics multiple times and World Cup multiple times.

“Due to different hockey manual functions, our players have become confused so as to which coaching manual to follow”, he commented.

“It is high time for the PHF to organize top-level coaching courses with the help of a common coaching manual,” he concluded.

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